Nepalese wedding

Yesterday I enjoyed myself at the wedding party. It was Nepali-Indian marriage as a bridegroom was from Nepal and a girl was from India. They met at the USA, fall in love and came here to perform ceremony. Nowadays Nepalese have more freedom to choose who they wish to marry without family interference. Though arranged marriages are still popular. The wedding begins with a gathering of the guests at the groom's house. Celebrations are made and rituals are performed with the priest and the party then travels to the bride's house with the procession or, as it is fashionable now, to a special place where the ceremony would take place. Then the bride is “handed” over to the groom by her parents and goes to the groom's house to become a member of his family.
This is a place for the ceremony. Pandit (a priest) is making preparations.

The priest and the bride

The bride. Beautiful as all brides are.

Circling around the groom with a jug of water.

Mala (garlands) and rings exchange.

Beautiful sari

For some this is a big and important day but for him - just his sleeping hour

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  1. Everything is so beautiful and colorful and the scenery as well.