Indian roti

The Indians love bread no less than the Russians or Europeans. But Indian bread looks differently - in the form of flat bread - and called roti. Roti is a common name, but actually there are plenty of varieties. Basically, roti are made of wheat flour, but sometimes it is mixed with corn, rice or millet flour.
The most common and everyday roti are chapatis. They are prepared from wholemeal wheat flour, first on a dry pan, and then in open fire. For breakfast, many Indians love to eat puri - small roti, made from wheat flour too but fried in butter or oil. Also, fried in butter are huge, swollen bhatura. For this very tasty bread oil, yeast, and yogurt are added into the batter. Puff bread paratha is delicious by itself, but it is usually prepared with fillings – meat mince, potatoes, paneer, vegetables. It is tastier when served with yogurt.
Nan roti cannot be made at home, because their preparation requires special oven tandoor. Nan is usually seasoned with garlic, or coriander, or smeared with butter. Sometimes nan is stuffed with a filling: mashed potatoes, onion and lots of spices. And so-called Kashmiri nan is filled with a mixture of nuts and raisins.
Rumali roti - thin as paper, and the size of a handkerchief (hence the name - rumali means handkerchief).
There will be an opportunity - try them all and appreciate the diversity of tastes.

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  1. yum yum from all the roti's i like this "puri" roti