Dinner at the Bayoke Sky hotel

If you want to see night Bangkok in all its glory - go for dinner at the highest hotel in Thailand "Bayoke Sky". For a sum of 780 baht (about $ 26) you will be offered a buffet at the 76 or 78 floor of this 88-story building. You can enjoy an amazing view of Bangkok from the window while having your dinner or you can go up (down) on the 77 floor, and see the full panoramic view of Bangkok.

Dinner is also worthy of mentioning: European, Italian, Thai, Japanese, Vietnamese, Chinese, Indian cuisine with a big selection of seafood. You will find there grilled beef and pork, pizza, sushi, sashimi, curry, shrimp soup, fried crab, lobster ... a great choice. There is also a dessert: a variety of mini-cakes, Thai sweets, French pancakes with fillings, fruits.


  1. wonderful view... It's good to see light in night, unlike Nepal. :P

  2. Nice view, i think i should visit that place asap, from my place i still can get city view but not as detail as that place i guess. so how long are u in thaliand olga?

  3. Yeah, the sight from the hotel is breath taking. Oh, I was in Thailand only for 10 days, as a tourist, during Dashain holidays.