The best places to eat in Kathmandu

Crespelle from "Fire and Ice"

In Kathmandu there is a big choice of restaurants and cafes offering different types of food. Though food is very personal and subjective matter I would like to recommend a few of my favourite places that have never failed my expectations.
If you are a tourist most probably you would want to try traditional Nepali food. The best place for this is the "Nepali Chulo" restaurant (Lazimpat). Here you'll be able not only to enjoy typical dishes of Nepal but also to see small programm of traditional dances including the famous "Yak and Yeti" and "Peacock".

"Peacock" dance at the "Nepali Chulo"

Another nice place with Nepali cuisine is "Bhumi" (Lazimpat). Here you can also find a good choice of Indian dishes. Try Chicken Madras, Palak Paneer and Kashmeri naan, they are especially good at "Bhumi".
If you are interested in Japanese foof I can recommend the "Koto" restaurant at Durbar Marg. Actually, there is two branches of "Koto" there just 50 m apart. Though the food at both places is very tasty I prefer the one above the Buddhist souvenirs shop. Don't miss to try Prawn Tempura and Soba Noodles.

A set of sushi from "Koto"

The best momos in my opinion are served at "The Chinese room" (Durbar Marg). Steamed or fried, they are delicious here. The place also offers Chinese food. Try Wanton Soup, Dragon Spring Rolls and Szechuan Duck (quite spicy).
The best steak you can find at "The Vesper cafe" (Jhamsikhel). It is served with rice or mashed potato. The place has nice cozy athmosphere. There is also some Mexican dishes on the menu but, to be honest, it is not that good. Better confine yourself to the steak.

Interior of the "Little Italy"

Making pizza at the "Fire and Ice"

My favourite Italian place in Kathmandu is the "Little Italy" (Durbar Marg). Just recently opened it has won my sympathy. I like everything about this restaurant: beautiful interior, Italian music, delicious food and most of all - desserts. Pana cota, tiramisu, chocolate mousse and the best cheese cake I ever tried - whatever you choose it melts in your mouth. There is only one thing that some people may find disappointing: the restaurant is pure vegetarian. In case you prefer some meaty Italian food, go to the "Fire and Ice" Pizzeria (Thamel). Here you will find Crespelle Chicken Con Carne, Beaf Lasagna and Ham Calzone.  

Crespelle with mushrooms from the "Little Italy"

Mango cheese cake from the "Little Italy"

Chana-bhatura set from "Angan"

If you prefer fast food cafes, there is internationally famous "KFC" and "Pizza Hut" at Durbar Marg and also the Indian "Angan" at Tripureshor which is popular for its Chana-Bhatura set.

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  1. Can you suggest a sort of fine dining restaurant which has live music (preferably Jazz)? Or any place, unlike a crowded bar, but still with awesome music, and great food much for a romantic ambiance?