Russian classic "The Seagull" on the Nepalese stage

Yesterday I enjoyed a real theatrical performance here in Kathmandu. The One World Theatre presented The Seagull, a famous play by the Russian playwright Anton Chekhov. Such kind of entertainment is rare in Nepal, plus I was double curious: the Russian classic is staged by an American director and played by Nepali actors in English language. 
One World Theatre is an English language theatre company in Kathmandu, dedicated to presenting intercultural and social justice productions. This form of performing art is new to Nepal and so not quite popular here. I admire the enthusiasm and devotion of the actors who just do what they love to do and try to instill a love of theatre in Nepali people.
I liked the actors play. One of the main characters was portrayed by Kavita Srinivasan. Look at her expressions during different scenes of the play

Other actors

Menuka Pradan and Divya Dev

Subash Thapa

Loonibha Tulandhar and Subash Thapa

Menuka Pradan

Rajkuar Pudasaini

Rajkumar Pudasaini and Menuka Pradan

Kavita Srinivasan and Divya Dev

Menuka Pradan and Rajkumar Pudasaini

All the actors in the play

If you are interested in theatre or simply would like to support Nepali actors or you are curious to see the famous Russian play, you can do it from 21 till 25 May, The Seagull will be performed at the Theatre Village in Lazimpat. Tickets prices - 500 rupees, and 200 rupees for those with student ID. 

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