Tranquility of Namobuddha

I am not a Buddhist but when I get tired of busyness and noise of Kathmandu I like to go to one of Buddhist sites, for a dose of peace and tranquility. And Namobuddha is one of my favourite such places. It is an hour drive from the capital and is quite a popular pilgrimage spot. According to the legend Buddha, in one of his previous incarnations, sacrificed his body in order to feed a starving tigress and her cubs and it happened just there, at Namobuddha.

If you are not a pilgrim the place may seem to you not worthy a visit: there are no historical monuments, striking architecture or breathtaking panoramas. Just several rather typical monasteries, a few quite ordinary stupas and a carved stone slab on the top of the hill depicting the story. But I like it there. The views are beautiful if not breathtaking, the air is cool and fresh, the atmosphere is relaxing and soothing. That's enough for me to enjoy. Besides there are so many praying flags around the place, they not only bring some colour to the surrounding landscapes but have a cheering effect.

Tibetan Buddhist monastery at Namobuddha, Nepal

Tibetan Buddhist monastery at Namobudda, Nepal

Colourful prayer flags
Decorative detail at  Buddhist monastery

Tibetan Buddhist prayer flags

Surrounding hills and rice terraces view from Namobuddha, Nepal
Cute dog

Views from Namobuddha, Nepal

Mother and child, Nepal

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  1. Namobuddha is one of the beautiful places around the Kathmandu and I was shocked to see the figures of tigress and her clubs in the location.
    It was magnificent.
    Namobuddha was such a peaceful Buddhism places and when I went there I felt so peace from the bottom of my heart.