Sankhu town and its goddess

Sankhu is the ancient Nepalese town which lies beside the holy Salinadi river about 20 km east of Kathmandu. Though it is called "town" but it looks more like a village with typical culture and architecture of a Newar settlement. The town is said to be guarded by Asta matrikas, the eight goddesses. Each of these goddeses has been placed in the eight different directions of Sankhu.
On the northern hill slope from Sankhu there is a temple of one of the important mother goddess, Khadga Jogini. Holding a khadga (scimitar) in her right hand and a flower in her left hand, Khadga Jogini is made of stone. On both sides from the goddess there are her attendants, the deities of super natural power. Not far from this temple there is another one of metal-made gilded Khadga Jogini.



There are a few legends connecting with this goddess. One tells about an Indian hero named Bir Vikramajit who anointed his body with spices and fried himself in the pan. After the goddess had devoured him, she was pleased with the fried spiced meat and she restored him to life and gave him a tree of riches.

Decoration of the Khadga Jogini temple


Lingam with Shiva faces on it

There is a festival in Sankhu when the chariot with the gilded image of Khadga Jogini is carried along the streets of the town.

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