Flowers of summer

It is officially summer here in Nepal. And what is the main feature of summer? Flowers. Wherever you go you can see them everywhere: in the neighbor's garden, at the road verge, along the alleys of the park, in women's hair. In every culture flowers symbolize beauty, youth, gentleness. In many religions flowers have spiritual significance as well.

It is a bit strange to see such typical European wild flowers like chamomile and cornflowers in Nepal. You expect something more exotic. But it is nice to meet "old friends" from my native country here.

Rose - an eternal symbol of sacred, romantic and sensual love.

This one looks very much like Iris Cristata to me but perhaps I'm wrong. Very beautiful flower!

And the next photos I took in my yard: variety of pansies 

And these are the flowers of Gazania

"Flowers are the sweetest things God ever made and forgot to put a soul into".
Henry Ward Beecher

Have a nice day!

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