Visit to Nagdaha, the Serpent Lake

Though I've been living in Nepal for many years I found out about Nagdaha just a few days ago. So today was my first visit to the place and I really enjoyed it. Nice weather, peaceful atmosphere and beautiful surroundings...everything that one needs to have a good day. Besides, boating was also available. Before boarding life vests were provided for everybody.

The lake is quite small but picturesque. Its name comes from the belief that a mythical female serpent (Nag) lives here. There is a temple and a sculpture  on the bank of the lake both dedicated to the creature.

The temple can be seen on the background

Beautiful water lilies, as small as the lake itself

Beautiful flowers on the bank

There were also two buildings of unknown purpose, perhaps they serve as shelters from sun and rain. These unremarkable buildings were decorated with quite remarkable murals

It was nice to have a walk enjoying views of the surrounding hills and rice fields 

and to get friendly with this cute female goat

That's all for today
Hope you're having great time!

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  1. You look nice jn this outfit and the place looks gorgeous and relaxing!!!! Judging by the weather and how summery you look, it's hard to believe it is October jn Nepal! The goat looks cutell :):):) !!!!