On the Palpa-Pokhara road

There is an old road from Bhairawa to Pokhara, that is not that much in use these days. Because 1) it is longer 2) it is considered more dangerous: landslides and stones falling happen here quite often. In the start of our journey we had to wait around an hour while the road was being cleaned from small landslide. There is one spot on the road called “Kalimati” meaning “black spot”. The place is especially dangerous. If you get there in a heavy rain there is a chance that you will be washed down by clay slide. The road is very twisting, literally looping among the hills, at one moment going down, at another going up again. It took us 4 hours to drive 130 km. Anyway, all these are made up for picturesqueness of the road. The sceneries are so beautiful, you just can’t take your eyes off.

On the way we paid a short visit to an old small town Palpa. It is situated at 1250m above sea level and after Bhairawa’s heat it was pleasantly cool there. Some streets of Palpa are so steep that car can’t go up there. The town itself is very cute and nice.

The journey was tiresome but enjoyable.

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