Temple wood carving in Patan

As well as two other ancient capitals of the Kathmandu Valley, Patan can offer excellent examples of wood carving. Most of them date back to 17-18 century, some are "younger" as many temples damaged during the earthquake of 1934 had to be restored. There are 55 temples and 136 monasteries in total in Patan, which are traditionally decorated with carvings. So there is something to see. Frequent "heroes" of the decorated beams and rafters - all sorts of demons and multi-handed gods.

One of the palace's doors

From this window  kings  looked sometimes on their people. The wood is gilded

The gilded wood too. This piece decorates the Golden Doors of the palace

The restored detail of the palace

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  1. You've collected nice shots of Patan here at your blog. Really good ones. Hope to see more from your camera. :)