Amazing trees of Nepal

There are so many different trees in Nepal. Some are very high and big, some bloom with beautiful flowers, some are just unusual in shape, some are very thick. I never get bored to discover new and new trees here.

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The sacred Pipal


  1. from where did u collect all these tree pictures

  2. All these trees were shot in Nepal, different places. In my country there is no such unusual trees maybe that's why I notice them.

  3. very nice pictures - I also stay in many times in Nepal I like it to!

  4. I love those photos of the trees - really beautiful. Thank you for sharing. Would have been nicer of each photo was accompanied by a brief description of the tree. For laymen tree-lovers like me a hint or two about the tree in each picture would have been helpful.

    M Mathema

  5. Looks like you have traveled a lot in Nepal.Being Nepali I have not been able to capture such a beautiful and amazing trees in my country.You have really got good shots.I would like to thank you for sharing such pictures in blog.