Nepali dances: Manjushree

Manjushree dance, also known as Charya Nritya, is one of the traditional ritual dances. Manjushree is the oldest of the Bodhisattvas and his worship confers on the devotee wisdom, retentive memory and intelligence. In Nepal he has a special place, for according to the Buddhist legends it was Manjushree who came from China with his two wives to pay homage to the self-existent flame in Swayambhunath.

Manjushree, the god of wisdom, drained the water from the Valley by cutting the ridge of the mountain with his flaming sword and made it suitable for the human settlement. So this Nepali dance represents Manjushree.

This dance requires a special costume and jewelry as the dancer represents Bodhisattva after all.


  1. Information regarding Nepali culture should be made more available on the internet. This a good start though. :)

    1. I agree. (y)

    2. I totally agree with you.
      Nepal culture should be shown world wide.
      The tale of Bodhisattva Manjushree is quite interesting and this tale is known in many Buddhist countries.

  2. I once got the sight of this dancing and I like it quite much. Simple and elegent though I didn't get the meaning behind the dancing.

  3. I lived in Nepal for 14 years and i really loved dancing but , i didn't knew there was this kind of dance at all . now i am 16 and out of country and i am doing my written project for dance class about Nepali dances now i get to learn about these dances . we should have more information about these things on internet so all could know how interesting and beautiful is our country Nepal. lots of love