Indian Art from the British Museum

The Indian collection of the British museum include pottery, paintings, traditional script work, daggers and a large display of sculptures among which there are carvings from the Great Stupa at Amaravati. Some objects in the collection date from the earliest civilizations of the Indus valley and are about 7000 years old. India is also represented in the money collections, with a large number of coins dating back to the 4th century BC.

Ravana, Tamil Nadu, 17c

A woman, South India, 18c

Goddess Durga killing a demon, Orissa, 13c

Love couples, Orissa, 13-14c

Dagger, Tamil Nadu, 16-17c

Shiva-Parvati, Orissa, 12-13c

Ceremonial objects, Bengali, 18-19c

A lamp, West India, 19c

Daggers, South India, 18-19c

Buddha's head, 2-3c

Bodhisattva, Kashmir, 9c

A globe, 1915