Nepali momos

If you offer to Nepali people to have a quick snack they will not hesitate in their choice - it will sure be momos, Nepalese dumplings, one of the fast, tasty and affordable meals. Usually momos are steamed, but there are options: fried or kote style - steamed and then fried. Any cafe will offer you at least a few kinds of momos. You can try momos stuffed with pork or chicken, served with spicy sauce. You can leave the sauce, because the stuffing anyway will be so hot that you think you can breathe out fire.
You can find momos filled with meat of yak, buffalo or fish as well. For vegetarians there is also great selection of momos - with potatoes, cheese, mushrooms, tofu or even spinach. Poorer people can snack in the street - mobile dumplings stalls can be found in the evenings along the main streets of Kathmandu and they are very popular. At such stalls momos are steamed and served on banana leaves.
Freshly steamed momos taste best served piping hot straitht from the steamer. A meat filled momo has to be eaten whole to enjoy the flavorful juice inside. Momos are good on their own but traditionally they are accompanied by tomato chutney, cilantro chutney or mint chutney.
Momo dough is made by mixing flour with water and kneading until the dough becomes smooth. Some cooks prefer white flour to whole wheat flour, others like to mix two parts white flour with one part whole wheat. For momo filling different spices and herbs are used: coriander. cumin, cayenne pepper, turmeric and also ginger, cilantro and garlic. All these ingredients are ground with water to a smooth paste before adding them to the meat or other filling.
So, if you are in Nepal or visiting a Nepali food restaurant, don't forget to try momos.

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