Kandy: the holy city of Sri Lanka

Kandy is an old and beautiful city of Sri Lanka. It was founded in 1592 as the residence of Sinhalese kings and was able to remain independent untill 1815 when British troops advanced. It's thanks to the Buddha's tooth that Kandy got the honourary title "holy". The tooth is kept in the temple nearly 300 years old and many Buddhist make a pilgrimage there.
Kandy is better to be explored on foot. Its narrow streets are lined with characterful old buildings and crowded with people. The Kandy Lake is one of the attractions of the city. It was created in 1807 by the last ruler of the kingdom. The island in the centre of the lake was used as the king's personal harem.

Sacred tooth temple

Buddha at the museum's entrance

Dried fish, have very specific smell

Variety of pasta

Variety of rice

Fresh mango near the lake

Traffic policemen

Police woman

Washing spot

Resting in a park

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