Krishna Jayanti festival

Krishna is one of the most popular deities among the Hindus. So the festival Krishna Jayanti, his birthday, is a big day for all devoties. During the day preceding the actual day of birth worshippers carry his garlanded and ornatly clothes idols in processions through the streets of Kathmandu. There are musicians and dancers in the groups. Images of Krishna are displayed in shops and at the doors of houses. Many kids are dressed as Krishna.

Towards evening hundreds of women gather on the narrow balconies of the great Krishna temple in Patan and sing hymns. Crowds of men and women go up on the second floor of the temple to where the main Krishna idol stands. There they offer flowers, food and coins while the temple priest gives them a blessing.

Krishna is believed to be born at Mathura, the sacred city on the Jamuna river. He was brought up in a family of cattle herdsmen to protect him against being murdered by his parent' enemy, the king Kansa. One time he was put in the arms of a wet-nurse whose milk contained poison. Baby Krishna not only remained unharmed but sucked all the milk and poison out of the nurse's breasts thus causing her to die but because of poison he became dark-skinned. His adventures with cow-herd girls as a young man are as numerous as the tales about his courage and gallantry as a warrior during the famous battle described in "Mahabharata" where on the side of the five Pandava brothers he acted as the conductor of Arjuna's chariot.

At this day peacock feathers are very popular becuase they are assocciated with Krishna who wears one in his crown. Various colors of peacock-feather signify the colours of life, sometimes bright, sometimes dull, gloomy and dark on various occasions. Bright colours stand for happiness, merriment and prosperity and dark colour stands for sorrow, despondency and calamity. One should accept every challenge - every colour which life offers to everybody.

And few more photos taken in Patan near the Krishna mandir on the Krishna Jayanti (Krishna ashtami) night.

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