Admiring the Himalayas from Kakani

Himalayas view from Kakani, Nepal
It can happen with you only in Nepal I believe: you drive the winding road zigzagging among the green hills. The views are spectacular, the air is refreshing and cool. Then one more turn and bum! they are there, the snowy peaks of the Himalayan range. Where were they hiding just a moment ago? You knew they were somewhere out there and still, when you see them before your eyes, you are stunned. By the suddenness of it, by their closeness, by their beauty, by their grandeur. That's what happened with me on the way to Kakani. This place is known as one of the best viewing points to see the Himalayas. But as it turns out the peaks come into perfect view even before you reach your destination.

Himalayas view from the road to Kakani, Nepal

Himalayas and rice terraces, Nepal

Himalayas peaks as seen from Kakani, Nepal
There is not much to do in the village except admiring the Himalayas. Locals are busy with their everyday routine, they don't give a damn not about you, nor about the snowy peaks. They see those mountains for 24 hours every day, they are as same attraction for them as concrete houses for us I guess. Sometimes I wonder, how it feels to wake up every morning, step out of the house and to see all that beauty? Would I have stopped noticing and admiring it one day? Can't imagine this...

Kids sitting near a Buddhist stupa, Nepal

House in mountains, Nepal


  1. The snowy mountains are amazing!!!! great photos!!!! Lucky you had lovely clear sunny days to view Himalayas! !!! Pity the local villagers take the mountains a bit for granted but I am sure during particular sunsets they also get stunned by the breathtaking views of those snowy peaks :)

  2. Снимки просто супер!

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