Pokhara, the resting place of Gods

Pokhara is one of the most beautiful places on the Earth. It is said that Gods created this place to spend their holidays there. The Himalayas are seen at their best mirroring on the surface of the lake Phewa. They are so close, just about 50 km away. There are 7 lakes in the valley and that is where the name of the place comes from: in Nepali lake means “pokhari”. There is a legend about Phewa lake. Once upon a time there were a beautiful town at this place. People lived rich, prosperous, they didn't have any problems and due to such life their hearts become hardened.
Gods decided to check the people anyway. They sent a goddess looking like an old beggar to the town. The whole day the old woman tried to find help moving from house to house but everybody refused. And only one just married couple offered her shelter for the night and food. So, Gods decided to flood the town and ungrateful people. The only survivors were the young couple who had helped the goddess. It was she who warned them about coming disaster and they found a cover up in the hills.
Now there is a temple in the middle of the lake in honour of the Goddess. There it is hidden among the trees.

The length of the lake is 2 km, depth 50 m. there is plenty of fish in it. At the boat station there are many people crowding since morning. There are many tourists from India who want to visit a temple in the middle of the lake.

Snack bar on the bank of the lake serving traditional Indian breakfast

The fare for the rent of a boat is same not depending on how many people would sit in the boat. So trying to save little money those Indian tourists occupy the boat to the full, so the sides of the boat are just in one level with the surface of water. Then they sit quietly and only the boatman works with his oar. There are also many boatwomen not only boatmen. They all look so vivid.

There are people from different ethnic groups living here: Magars, Gurungs, Newars, Thakalis, Tibetans.
Here you can see Machhapuchare (fish tail) mountain. It is not only beautiful but also famous for its “purity” – no man has ever climbed it. Nepalese decided to keep their favorite mountain untouched and climbing it is forbidden.

Pokhara is definitely a must see place in Nepal.

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