British museum's collection of the Nepalese art

The British museum has a few pieces of art from Nepal, mostly dating 18-19 century. The most impressive from my point of view is this altar screen of metal set with bone, shell, precious and semi-precious stones (18-19c).

Filigree work has been a distinctive of Newari craftsmen in recent centuries. The central shirne building illustrates simple example of the tiered roof structures of Nepalese temples. The motifs used are mostly local or from further south, such as the lion mask seen at the very top and also in the large panel beneath the recessed section. Chinese artistic influence is seen in the twisting dragon figure. Have a look at these close-up photos. The details are just amazing.

And this is a ritual dagger, "phurbu", of bronze, gilt-bronze and semi-precious stones, 19c

Daggers with multi-headed handles and with the blade issuing from the mouth of a sea-monster, are used in rituals of Himalayan Buddhism to lay out sacred diagrams, mandalas, and also to ward off evil spirits.

Ornamental plaque 18-19c. The figure carved in bone at the centre of the plaque is Garuda, bird-mount of the god Vishnu.

Vishnu-Garuda earrings, 18c

Stupa with rock crystal dome, bronze, 17 century
Bodhirattva avalokiteshvara, bronze, 16 century 

 Ivory lion, 13 century
Samwara and Vajravarahi, 19c


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