Street food in Kathmandu

Panipuri is a popular street snack in Nepal. It is a hollow, puffed, round dough with a crunchy shell. The shell by itself is not tasty, unless it is filled with a spicy potato-based mixture and masala water. The stuffing is prepared separately, and inserted into the panipuri through a hole made in the shell. Panipuris are eaten by placing the entire puri into the mouth in one go and biting into it. Very tasty but very spicy.
 Another popular street food in Nepal is samosa. It is fried turnovers filled with vegetables, meat or a combination of both. Traditionally it is served with chutney or dipping sauce but also is good with yogurt or cucumber, onion and tomato salad.

Sometimes you can see also poori being made in the streets. It is a deep-fried puffed bread, generally prepared from wheat flour. Poori are fried in very hot oil and puff up with a crispy outside and a moist inside. It is one of the most popular breads and a classic accompaniment to any Nepali meal.


I was lucky enough to try buckwheat roti as well. You don't find them in the streets on the usual day but only on the days of some festivals. These roti is usually cooked on a griddle similarly to the way pancakes are cooked. It is really delicious.

When it is corn season in Nepal the streets are full of women (and sometimes men also) selling hot baked corn. It is cooked in the open fire lighted with the help of paper among some bricks or stones.

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  1. A little short. One should certainly add curry soup in which a complete samosa is broken into the bowl. Then onions and broken up Ramen noodles are added. Another interesting dish is fried dough discs mixed with boilled potatos, onions, peanuts, tomatos and coriander. Also the eggroll is worth meantining.