My trip to Delhi

Last week I spent in Delhi. This was my second visit. I like Delhi, it is so beautiful and green city. What else did I like this time? Aloo tikka – a kind of potato cakes, I bought and ate them at the street food counter. Very tasty, crispy and little bit spicy.
Rumali roti – big thin and tasty kind of bread. Good with gravy chicken.

Watched a movie (“Kaminey” actually) in the “platinum area” of the cinema hall in Noida. That was fun – comfortable armchairs, choice of soft drinks, veg or non-veg menu. The movie itself was so-so (too much criminals to my taste).
I stayed at a hotel in Karol Bagh. Nice place. They say you can find anything in the bazaar there. I am not sure about everything but many nice things – yeah, definitely.
I bought 3 pieces of kurta-churidar, one formal kurta, many beautiful bangles, bindi and tattoos there in Delhi. I feel happy with my short trip.
Some photos from the trip.
A young Indian girl

Near Jami Masjid I have seen gigantic goats. Never before I’ve seen a goat of such size.
The bangles seller near Jami Masjid
Jami Masjid - was built in 1656 by the Emperor Shah Jahan. A very beautiful and peaceful place. There are many people there just sitting, talking and having a rest.

Before entering the inner court of the Masjid I had to wear this long bright gown.

A free snack (raw onion) while you’re waiting for your ordered food.


  1. wow ! nice trip...but now feeling hungry..hehe :P

  2. Beautiful! I went myself in some places you visit!
    Nice to remember the time I was in Delhi through your trip.
    And good food to...yumi-yumi:)

  3. go to sarojani market, ther eis everest momo, ( don;t try momo) outside that shop there is a stall where they sell pani poori or pulki or that is other name puchka
    try it, that is the best ipani poori i ever had. hahaha hot weather, in carol bagh on the way to metro station u get GOLA ( icy stick ) try it it will be fun :)

  4. Very nice pics... looks like u've been to quite interesting places in delhi too :)