Tamang Lhosar (New Year)

Yesterday people of Tamang community of Nepal celebrated the beginning of the new year, Sonam Lhosar. According to their calendar the started year is 2846. Women and girls wore their national dresses and jewellry and almost everybody wore a traditional topi (a cap) (well, me too bought one and put it on).

There was big choice of food, Nepali and Tamang. What I was surprised to find is one dish that tastes and looks exactly as one Russian dish. The only difference was that the russian one is not spicy. Here it is called seva (or sewa or shewa) and in Russia it is chebureck

Also I liked buckwheat cakes very much. They were cooked right there on the spot by two women and served hot.


Tamang is the fifth largest community in Nepal. The word "tamang" originally meant "horse trader" which may have been their original vocation. Nowadays they earn living partly by farming partly by hiring their services as porters to mountaineers. One of the Tamang climbed Everest in 1973, the first non-Sherpa Nepali to do so.