Eatable flowers

Yesterday I was surprised to find out that in Nepal people cook not only some grass like spinach, but even flowers. However, not any flowers, but only those of the orchid tree, which here is called Koirala, and the botanical name is Bauhinia variegata. This tree grows at altitudes from 300 to 1800 m, reaches a height of 10-12 m. The large flowers (8-12 cm in diameter) white or bright pink, appear in late winter when the tree drops leaves. They resemble the flowers of orchids, hence the name of the tree.
 Well, these flowers are harvested, then only the petals are taken and boiled with potatoes, then some seasonings are added - sesame seeds, nutmeg, chili - and the dish is ready to eat. I have tried it, an interesting taste. But I would never have guessed it was flowers. That's how the dish looks


  1. my mom likes to eat koirala but i dont like it. it has got such unfriendly test. btw koirala is also used as a medicine. I heard its good for stomach aches and liver.

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  3. hi
    its best thing which i ever got to taste in my life.
    orchid tree;;koirala;; its a best creation , it beautiful to see and tasty to eat.
    everybody should taste it.

  4. Ate them for first time in life. Liked it as a change!

  5. I think its awesome, especially in north india, it is worth trying for everybody.
    Thanks for the post. It is also known as kuirala or koirala flowers. My nepali cook made it today and i totally loved it.