Living Goddess Kumari of Sankhu

In Nepal there is one Royal Kumari but different Newar communities have their own Kumari also. Kumari is chosen from girls between three and five years old. Kumari candidates must qualify in different signs of physical perfection; any wounds, scars, missing teeth are considered disqualifying factors. Most Kumaris lead an almost normal life with their families but make public appearances in special makeup and jewelry for religious festivals.

As a goddess, Kumari demands and deserves the most lavish in clothing and jewelry. Her clothes must be red, even for daily wear. For ceremonial occasions some Kumaris wear dresses of red brocade. The special makeup consists of heavily lined eyes and a large area of red on her forehead bordered by a solid yellow line. In the centre is placed the third eye. Her head is decorated with a crown which can be different in style and made of different materials. Kumari also wears square silver jantar, amulet box.
On the photos – 3 years old Kumari of Sankhu, a small town in 17 km from Kathmandu


  1. Thanks for posting this interesting information. Many people are not aware of existence of Kumari of Sankhu. Unlike in Kathmandu, the Kumari in Sankhu does not make public appearances as much as in Kathmandu, Lalitpur, Bhaktapur. Moreover, the Kumari of Sankhu has a special head dress marked with Pancha Buddha (Five Buddha) which perhaps is unique only in Sankhu.

    1. Is there somewhere existing a photo, where the Kumari is wearing that special head dress?

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  2. Oh, thank you for the additional information.

  3. I saw the Kumari in Kathmandu. I felt a little sad for her, being kept inside all that time.

    Can I ask how you live in Nepal full time? A tourist visa is only 5 months? I am looking to stay longer, any tips?

  4. For me there is no problem to stay in Nepal because I am married ot Nepali citizen.
    They give 5 months visa "per year". I know some people come so that their visa finishes exactly before new year. Then they apply another 5 months for another year. And another way is to take permission for work or to open business here.