Buddha's birthday

Today is a holiday here in Nepal – Buddha Jainti or Buddha’ birthday. In the morning I went to the Bouddanath. Still morning - but it was already hot. So I was not there long. So many people. What was interesting that the devotees worshiped not the Buddha first, but the portrait of the Dalai Lama, that was at the entrance. They worshiped and put the money. Everywhere oil lamps were sold and incense sticks were burnt, so it was quite smoky. Many monks, many women in traditional Tibetan dress. But what was not typical for this place – there were a lot of beggars, you can say there was a beggar every 3 meters. They looked to be Indians, not local. Somehow they found out that there would be many people at this place today, that it is holiday and people would be in a good mood. So they came from all over the city it seemed. Actually I love this place - it breathes peace and tranquility. But, however, not today - too crowded.

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  1. yeah ! Today is birthday of Lord Budhha... Enjoyed reading as well as enjoyed those picture of baudhhanath. :)