Camden Town of London

Camden Town is one of the interesting and unusual places of London. One time Camden Town was the place where artists, actors and writers readily moved to live. They loved this place due to availability of cheap housing in the area and we all know that people of creative professions often suffer from a lack of money. The reason Camden was cheap was the large Irish immigrant population who had something of an undesirable reputation for drunk and disorderly behaviour that deterred potential respectable tenants.

The main attraction of Camden now is the most famous flea market of the country that is located here. More than 100 000 people - shoppers, tourists and just gapers – turn up at Camden market each weekend. There is always something to buy and someone to see. Lovers of Gothic, fetish, punk, hippie, and many other styles gather together here. Mixed representatives of all these trends add color to the streets: here come real punks of the 80's with unimaginable Iroquois of different colours on their heads and bright makeup on their faces; and here come melancholic Goths decorated with massive silver ornaments, with black shadows on their eyes and black lipstick on their lips and dressed again in black; here come girls in flashy provocative outfits; and here come skinheads in heave army boots and leather jackets with studs.

Countless stalls, sheds and shops offer a choice of all sorts of things for every taste - vintage clothing and lingerie, street fashion, antiques and arts and crafts, jewelry, books, music CDs, furniture. There is plenty of leatherwear and body piercing too. Every store down the street tries to distinguish itself not only by a variety of goods, but also by an unusual and interesting signs.

There is plenty of caf├ęs, bars, pubs and restaurants it the area where you can have a bite and enjoy an Irish ale or German beer.

If during your stay in London you want to buy something unusual, say, yellow shoes with red polka dots or bag embroidered with skulls on it, make another piercing or a colorful tattoo – all these you can do in Camden Town.

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