Singapore's zoo

My favourite place in Singapore is…no, not a shopping mall but the zoo. Usually I don't like zoos as I feel pity for poor animals that will never be free and all their lives have to live in cages. But the Singapore’s zoo is quite different, it is one of the most beautiful and spacious zoo in the world, with lavish tropical enclosures instead of cages, moats and hedges instead of fences.
Singapore’s Zoological Gardens started life after the Second World War as a menagerie of abandoned British military pets. By the early 1970s it had evolved into a proper zoo.

The collection of the zoo boasts more than 3000 animals from around the globe, especially big amount is of tropical Asian fauna – orangutans, tapirs, sambar deer, Sumatran tigers, hog deer, Indian elephants, various monkeys. Noteworthy are the crocodile, polar bear and baboon exhibits, the Komodo dragon habitat and the orangutan island which has the world’s largest group of the endangered orange apes. The zoo has 315 species of animals in all, 16 per cent of them endangered.
You can spend a whole day in this zoo and not get bored.


  1. шикарно~ такого бы укротить и дома держать!

  2. Я бы тоже не отказалась, такой красавец