Nature wonders of Koh Samui

Of course, the most important natural landmark of Koh Samui is the sea and the beaches. The beaches here are clean and sandy; the sea is calm and clean; sunrises and sunsets are colorful and picturesque.
The most popular beach of the island is Chaweng. This is a kind of tourist center of Ko Samui. The largest number of hotels, restaurants, shops and people you will find in this area.

But personally I liked the Lamai beach more, for my taste it is more beautiful and calm, not that crowded, with palm groves along the coast. And after all it is not that far from the center - if you want, you can rent a scooter or motorcycle and hit the road to Chaweng.

For those interested in golf, Mae Nam beach would suit, because a first-class golf course is located in this area.
The most famous natural attractions of Koh Samui are so called "grandfather" and "grandmother" (in Thai Hin Ta and Hin Yai).

While the "grandfather" stands proudly among the rocks, overlooking the sea, the "grandmother" modestly hides herself nearby and it is easy just to miss her. And if to recognize "grandmother" you need to turn on your imagination, the similarity of the "grandfather" with “the original” is simply amazing. Even some doubts appear in 100% natural origin of this rock sculpture - perhaps people did take part and help nature, put a few finishing touches so to say.

Another wonderful beautiful place of the island is the Namuang Waterfall. This is, of course, not the Niagara Falls, it is small, only 80 meters high, but still charming. To reach the waterfall is possible by elephant or by jeep. Since the pleasure of riding an elephant I had repeatedly had in Nepal, we have chosen a jeep. The trip was though a brief but memorable: I had not imagined that such a ride is possible in principle – the road was so steep that the way up was simply breathtaking. Well, a jeep is really a very good car ...

You go enjoying the falls from the top first. The approach to it is rocky and besides water is splashing all around and however, there are no barriers of any kind, so you can go to the very edge. But if you are unlucky to slip, well, …that would be really unlucky. I think that fencing is not there precisely because so far this has not happened yet.
Then the waterfall can be admired from below and not only admired but also you can bathe in its waters.

There is also so called "Butterfly Garden" on the island. And although it was indeed a wonderful and beautiful garden, but I didn’t see any butterflies there, well, except those pinned ones, and it's not what I wanted. So I do not advise wasting your time on a visit to this "just garden”.


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