Sri Lanka, the emerald in the ocean

Just a few days ago I came back from my trip to Sri Lanka. I must confess that the country simply charmed me, I hadn't expected to see such beauty. It is said that even Adam found this little island the place on earth that most resembled his lost Paradise . Lanka has made the same impression on me, this place looks just like one would imagine paradise. Palm trees, tropical jungles, pine groves, tea plantations - the whole island is buried in verdure of different shades. That's why comparison with an emerald came to my mind. Add to all this greenery blueness of waterfalls, rivers, lakes and goldness of the sandy beaches, turquoiseness of the ocean and sweetness of a variety of sweet fruits - well, isn't it paradise?



The interesting thing in Lanka is that the change of landscapes goes on here in just a few hours drive. How is it in Russia? - You drive a day, two, three - and the views behind the car window are almost the same all the time. In Lanka it is quite different: in the morning you can sunbathe on the beach, struggling with the heat, occasionally dipping into the ocean, at the daytime - enjoy the coolness of the hills, riding in a boat on the lake, and in the evening- walk along the paths of the tea plantations, or ride an elephant through the jungles.











People are friendly here, even when your eyes accidently meet with the eyes of a stranger in the street, he/she will smile and nod in greeting.


The shape of Sri Lanka has evoced differen visions in different people - a tear, a mango, a pear, a pearl, and even a piece of ham. But for me personally, Sri Lanka will always remain an emerald in the vast waters of the Indian Ocean.

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