Tattoo masters at work

This was the first time I watched the live process of tattooing. At first all the hairs are removed with the blade, then the skin is lubricated with something that looks like oil. Then the paper with a drawing is put on the body and the contour of the future tattoo appears on the skin. After this the process of actually tattooing begins. Most artists used a special tattoo machine and only one guy did the hand work.

This master from Hong Kong worked without paper, drawing design straight on the skin, and even used a ruler.

The hand working guy.

This guy brought a photo of his beloved girl (I guess)to make a tattoo of her on his body.

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  1. Are you staying here Kathmandu Valley? Your blog is so impressive to me. You explain a lot of things that I do not ackwoledge before reading your blog.

    I just arrived 2 months ago here and have tried to understand various aspects of Nepalese.

    1. Yes, I've been living in Kathmandu for several years. I'm glad you found my blog useful for you. Thank you

    2. I think it is not proper for you to express your thanks to me. It is my first visit to Nepal and I will be here about 2 years as an research advisor to Nepal Rastra Bank.
      Let me introduce my blog( to you but I am very sorry that you can not understand any explanation written in Korean except some photos.
      You can touch with me e-mail: or my cell phone 977-98494-06460(my name is Goo Yong AHN).