Tattoos spotted at the Nepal Tattoo Convention

These days, since yesterday and untill tomorrow, at the hotel Yak and Yeti the second international tattoo convention is being held in Kathmandu. I couldn't miss such an event. Though personally I don't have any tattoo but I have always admired this form of body art. Creativity, imagination and skills of the tattoo artists are amasing. The artists from different countries - Germany, Thailand, Italy, Switzerland, USA, Nepal, and others - take part in the convention. Tattoo designs that are offered by these masters can satisfy any taste.
There were many visitors yesterday at the event. Somebody came just to look around; others wanted to find the suitable artist and design and to ink themselves straight there on the spot. Many guys with amazingly beautiful tattoos readily took off their clothes and demonstrated the pieces of art work on their bodies.
The main attractions were two guys from the UK, one with tattoos on his face and head and with piercings, another one has not only tattoos and piercing but scarification as well. No less attractive was the guy from Germany who has Shiva and Ganesh tattoos covering the whole upper part of his body.

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