The most interesting places to visit in Nepal

Here is my personal list of the most interesting places in Nepal
1. Bhaktapur. Of the three ancient capitals of the Kathmandu valley (Bhaktapur, Lalitpur and Basantapur) Bhaktapur has better preserved its medieval character and unique identitiy. Visiting Bhaktapur is like visiting the past. In addition to the main square, which includes many ancient temples, the Palace of the 55 windows, the Golden Gate, the dog-barking bell, etc., there is also the potter place, the tallest in the Valley five-roofed temple and it is a pleasure to simply wander the town's narrow old streets admiring the finely carved windows, watching the townspeople, who do not pay any attention to the tourists and go about their normal activities. In my opinion, in Bhaktapur there is much more interesting things and artistic treasures to see than Lalitpur or Basantapur cat offer. So if you have to choose between these three, go to Bhaktapur. (more about Bhaktapur)

2. In the Kathmandu Valley there are several Buddhist shrines. But then again, if you have to choose which one to visit, the most interesting would be to see the great stupa of Swayambhunath. It is the oldest one, and is situated on top of a hill with stunning views over Kathmandu. Two roads lead to the terrace on which the stupa is built: by car or on foot. I would recommend climbing the 300 steps because it is more fun and there are many interesting statues along the way. (more about Swayambhunath stupa)

3. Sunrise or sunset over the Himalayas should not be missed by anybody staying in Kathmandu. There are a few panoramic view points near Kathmandu: Dhulikhel, Kakani, Daman. But the most popular and easily accessible is Nagarkot. It is about 30 km from Kathmandu and offers a magnificent view of the highest peaks of the eastern Himalayas, including Everest.

4. The Pokhara Valley. One of the most beautiful places in Nepal. There may be no other place in the world from which the great Himalayan peaks can be admired from such a close distance. And reflecting in the still waters of Phewa Lake they make the scenery breathtaking and unforgettable. Pokhara is 200 km from the capital, and you can get there by bus or by plane. Many people mistakenly believe that a car trip to Pokhara will take about three hours. But considering that the road goes through the mountains it takes at least five, if you drive a car, and even more if you are on the bus. Personally, I enjoy car rides that let you enjoy the magnificent views along the way. But if the narrow serpentin roads make you nervous or you have little time, then of course the flight is the best option, half an hour - and you are in Pokhara. In addition to admiring the Himalayas, in Pokhara you can also go boating, swim in the lake, fishing, or try paragliding. (more about Pokhara)

5. Another great place to relax and enjoy nature is Chitwan National Park. This is one of the largest reserves in Nepal, which is inhabited by more than 50 species of mammals including one-horned rhinoceros, several species of deer, sloth bear, leopard, wild boar, crocodile, more than 350 species of birds and of course, the Royal Bengal tiger. Once this park was a hunting reserve of the ruling Ranas and every several years a great hunt was organised where distinguished guests, including Indian maharajas and European royalty, were invited.
For tourists elephant jungle rides, foot walks, boat or canoe trips are offered in Chitwan.
I have been to Chitwan three times and every time during safari I have seen rhinos. But never been enough lucky to meet a tiger, and I do not wonder: with the noise created by a few elephants and a dozen tourists sitting on them, the tiger must be a complete idiot to stay in the open. But there is no doubt that tigers are out there: there were cases when villagers were dragged off by tigers at night (because some houses don't have any doors). There was also one case when an over selfconfident tourist went into the jungle alone, without being escorted by an expert guide. And what happened? He was found later killed by a tiger. So, the fact that we do not see tigers, does not mean that they do not see us.

PS This list is for those who came to Nepal for a short visit and don't intend to go trekking as the most interesting trekking routes would make another list


  1. I think I have been to all of them :) That temple, is it where there are lots of monkeys along the way????

    1. Actually these monkeys are everywhere :))

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