Cats of Kathmandu

The one thing that is rarely seen in the streets of Kathmandu is a cat. The large number of dogs, domestic as well as stray, stroll around but not cats. In the eyes of many Nepalese cats are not of such a great usefulness as dogs: they don't guard the house or the farm, they don't scare off unwanted visitors and they won't help you in case of attack of a hooligan. Instead they steal meat or milk whenever there is a chance for it. Besides many think that cats, especially black ones, are bad luck bringers.
Anyway, as if feeling that I will not cause them any harm the Nepali cats do come into my yard. I've seen them quite a lot. So, cats do live in Kathmandu, simply they prefer not to walk in the open.


  1. Beautiful cats with serious faces.

  2. Cats in kathmandu, if there were actually too MANY of 'em I guess they would have spelled it "CATmandu"! Would that work? But for people like me who have horrific allergies to cats even though I adore them, I checked on this site to find out if there are a lot of cats or if there are few, so even though I think cats are cute, this report looks good. Because for me and my stupid allergies, if I were to get to kathmandu in the spring and find myself in a habitation of many cats, my asthma would result in a CATastrophy! Keeping my fingers crossed I think I will be just okay in Kathmandu this spring.

  3. I was given 3 kittens by a woman who claimed that the mama cat had died.I kept them for a week and 2 of them died despite me feeding them 2 hrly with a syringe.The other survived 3 more days and it died too.It was quite upsetting as I had never had a cat before and was learning to appreciate and like them.
    Now I am thinking of buying a healthy cat which is old enough to leave its mother and has been weaned properly.
    The cats in your photos look really beautiful. Cats are beautiful and graceful.