Yeti foot print?

This unidentified foot-print on the stone which was found during the excavation of Durbar wing of the Yak and Yeti hotel is kept just at the entrance of the hotel's garden and may have been left by a yeti. Everybody knows about yeti but nobody has seen it for sure. Some glimpses, some footprints, some strands of fur...That's it.
It is suggested that the Yeti myth originated in Tibet, and reached Nepal via the Sherpa, descendants of families who emigrated from the Khams region of Tibet across the Himalayan range in the middle of the sixteenth century. Sherpas call yeti mih-tch and describe it as a man-sized ape which but for its face and stomach is covered in shaggy red hair. It is abominable creature attacking on sight. Some say it is a man-eater. Sherpas believe very strongly in their existence although some think they are merely malevolent spirits that took the appearance of those fur-covered beasts.
In the 1950s the Nepali government cashed in on the increasingly popular yeti myth by issuing yeti-hunting licenses priced at £400 per yeti. To date no-one has succeeded in capturing a specimen dead, or alive.
Perhaps someday the yeti will be found. Or perhaps not, because it has vanished already forever as many other animals have disappeared from the surface of the earth.

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