Let's go to "Alice"

Buckwheat dumplings (momo)
Buckwheat Momo (dumplings)

Last Saturday I had dinner at a new for me place, Alice restaurant. It looked rather cozy, with a mini-pond at the entrance, large children play area and comfortable cushioned sofas. They had quite an impressive menu featuring Nepali, Chinese, Japanese and Continental dishes some of which you would hardly find anywhere else in Kathmandu like cabbage, green and buckwheat momo, bacon wrapped grilled prawns or squid in chilly oyster sauce. We ordered mixed Nepali/Chinese snacks and Continental main courses. I really enjoyed all the Asian snacks but was quite disappointed with the main courses: Lamb Casserole in Spicy Red Wine and Chicken a-la Orange Mustard. The lamb was rather chewy and the orange sauce was too much acidic. There was one more negative point that I need to mention: in spite of the ban on smoking in public places there were people freely smoking at the restaurant and I didn't like it.

Crispy popcorn
Crispy Popcorn

Grilled trout
Grilled Trout 

Bacon Wrapped Grilled Prawns
Bacon Wrapped Grilled Prawns

Roast duck
Roast Duck Teochew Crispy

On the whole I would recommend this place because the food was really above average.