A house for Shiva and Parvati

This is the 18th-century house built by King Rana Bahadur Shah and dedicated to Hindu Gods Shiva and Parvati. In the heavily ornamented top floor there are carved and painted wooden images of Shiva and Parvati in mortal form. They rest on the window rail, looking out over the passing people and over the passing events. They have witnessed numerous coronations, festivals and processions and might be curious "what's next?"


  1. its in basantapur right? you should also go to see budhanilkantha. there is an awesome statue of lord vishnu sleeping in cosmic serpents with eleven heads. you can also take photos and videos there but from outside of the temple.

  2. Actually, I have been there at Budhanilkanta. However, at the time didn't have a camera with me so no photos. And yeah the statue is awesome.