Pashupatinath the most sacred temple of Lord Shiva

The Pashupati area of approximately 265 hectares is an ancient religious site in the Kathmandu Valley. It is embellished with historical buildings of great antiquity and significance: numerous pagodas, stupas and monasteries. And Pashupatinath, the golden-roof temple, regarded as the most sacred temple of Lord Shiva in his aspect as "Pashupati", the "Lord protector of cattle", has been for centuries one of the most important pilgrimage places for Hindus.

Legend tells that in ancient times a milkman noticed that his cow started giving milk at a certain spot. He decided to dig there and found the five-faced Linga of Lord Shiva. Soon the spot and the Linga became the center of worship. A temple dedicated to Shiva was made at this site in 879. However, the present temple was built by King Bhupatindra Malla in 1697. The Pashupatinath temple is a pagoda style Hindu temple with gilt roofings and exquisitely carved silver doors. The temple in its sanctum has the ancient Linga with five faces - four facing each direction and the fifth one looking up.

Non-Hundus are not allowed inside the temple but they can walk around. The best view is from the terrace on the hill across the river.
The Pashupatinath temple is located on the right bank of the holy Bagmati river, a tributary of the Ganges. Cremations take place here, ashes are scattered in the stream and eventually mixed with the waters of the "Mother of all rivers". It is also said that a holy bath in the Bagmati river at this spot, praying with hymns, followed by worshipping the Linga with curd, ghee (purified butter), sugar, honey and milk, will free a person from the cycle of births.

This area is always full of sadhus, Hindu holy men. Dressed in loin cloths, marked with ash, looking wise (but still asking money for taking their picture), they sit cross-legged here and there.
Nearby there is the Bachhareshwari temple, dedicated to goddess Parvati and down the hill is the Guhyeshwari temple dedicated to Kali. Actually around the complex there are many other temples dedicated to various gods and goddesses. Not to get lost it would be bettrer to take a guide.

The Pashupatinath complex is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.


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  2. Great site, it really gives a nice taste of Nepal. Although I've been to India twice I did not make it to Nepal ... but your photos are helping to inspire me to see it as soon as I can.

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