Rose and its symbolism

The rose is one of the world's most beloved flowers. It has been valued since ancient times for its beauty, elegant shape, distinctive petals, rich aroma and rose oil.
In Western tradition the rose is a mystic symbol of the heart, the centre of the cosmic wheel, and also of sacred, romantic and sensual love. The white rose is an emblem of innocense, purity and virginity, hence the deccription of the Virgin Mary as the Rose of Heaven. The red rose symbolizes passion, desire and beauty. Both are symbols of perfection. The rose's association with eternal life caused rose petals to be scattered on graves at the Roman festival of Rosaria, and Roman emperors wore rose wreaths as crowns.
In Christianity the blood-red rose with its thorns is a symbol of the love and suffering of Christ. The rosette also have wheel symbolism making the rose a Western equivalent of the emblematic Asian lotus.

Secondary meaning of the rose is discreation. In a Roman myth Cupid stops rumours about Venus's infidelities by bribing the god of silence with a rose. With this meaning roses were hung or painted above Roman council tables as signs that conversation was "sub rosa" - private, not public.

In India and Nepal rose water is very popular product. It is added to various sweet dishes like kheer, rabdi, barfi and also to biryani and fried rice. Gulkand is another popular product in these countries. It is made by drying a mixture of crushed rose flowers and sugar, usually in the sun. This paste is used as tonic, medicine for various ailments and as a mouth freshner.

During Indian weddings lots of rose petals are thrown for good luck.

Roses have been used for centuries as a way to express our deepest emotions. Roses can be used to say thanks or congratulations, or to express our love and sincerity toward those we care about. White roses are often used for weddings. Yellow roses can make a great birthday gift for a dear friend. Red roses are the perfect gift for a romantic occasion, such as Valentine's Day. A message of gratitude is specifically conveyed by dark pink coloured roses.
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