The murdered tree

Every morning during the last ten years I used to have my cup of coffee looking through the kitchen's window. There was a big beautiful tree in some distance from my house. At summer it was a pleasure to feast my eyes upon its green crown; at winter time when there was no leaves it was interesting to watch different birds who liked to  have a rest on its big branches. Thanks to this tree I have seen a cuckoo, a black  kite and even parrots. How many years it's taken the tree to grow that large? And now, a man with an ax came, one hour - and there is no tree anymore. I wonder why cutting down a tree is not considered a murder? The tree was alive, it had started to turn green after winter and then THE MAN came and took its life. And why? Just because some big ass didn't like it to be there anymore. Maybe it stood in his view or maybe its shade took too much light. Or maybe he plans to built just another ugly building in its place. And I will have to stare on its ugly grey concrete walls every morning. I am so upset.

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