Tattoo Convention: expressions

These days the 4th International Nepal Tattoo Convention is being held at the Yak and Yeti Hotel. There are over 100 professional tattoo artists from 22 countries including USA, UK, France, Italy and Thailand. I have already been at one of the previous Conventions, two years ago (you can see the photos here and here). Why did I went there for the second time? Because it is fun! 
A few photographs of interesting people's expressions that I caught with my camera during the event.


It is difficult to determine the exact meaning of the child's expression. He was one of the performers, the youngest one actually being just four years old.

Another performer. This girl has a lovely expressive face. Here she is at another photo

A group of performers 

These guys were also very expressive

Nice family. Mom telling something to her daughter expressively

Same man, different face expressions

To be continued...

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