Tattoo convention: head and face tattoos

These guys will never suffer from lack of attention. Having their heads and faces tattooed they will always catch people’s eye and will always arouse different kinds of emotions: curiosity, perplexity, wonder, hostility, perhaps even fear. What makes these guys tattoo their faces?
These days body tattoos have become acceptable and much less of a tough choice. Face tattoos, however, still leave people wondering if its owner is right in the head or not which, perhaps, is just the kind of reaction the guy wants.
Also, a tattoo on the face distracts people from the expressions on that face, it effectively creates a barrier between the eyes of the beholder and the bearer of the tattoo and helps the tattooed person "hide" their real emotions and feelings behind the "mask" of the tattoo.
And perhaps some do it for religious or spiritual reasons.

To be continued...

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